I began this project on July 23rd, 2014 (and arbitrary date) and as of April 17th, 2015 I have written 180 letters. That's one letter each weekday for the past nine months.

I've compiled some of these letters in the video below. I've also written about the experience at length on Medium and the complete list of recipients can be found here.

Also, here's a a little graph that reveals what kind of person I'm trying to connect with:

The next step of this project is to take it on the road. I'll be travelling up and down and around the coast of Australia from during the last eight weeks of the project. Reconnecting with those I've written to, meeting the new friends I've made through lettering and hopefully finding an accommodating bed along the way. It's time to step outside my little studio and see if this lettering thing has resonated with anybody. Or if it's just a fool's errand.

I'll still be writing daily personal letters but also an on-the-road update that will be sent to anyone who wishes to subscribe (and pay a few shekels). You can subscribe to receiving my fortnightly mail updates here.

Love and letters,