It's September

I'm happy to announce that a selection of my brand new work is now for sale through TWFineArt, a gallery based here in Brissy. I have eight new prints--all reasonably priced and they come beautifully framed. The gallery has all an extensive online shop and also ship Australia-wide.

Amongst the crop are a shadowy bunch of blooms; some pastel-coloured, ominous looking houses; and a series of abstracted daubs of colour. Colour, repetition and the stripped back are the commonalities here.

(I spent a recent rainy day looking at Margaret Prestons' at the Gallery of NSW, reconfirming my belief that painting flowers is a wholly noble pursuit.)

The gallery's director, Tove Langridge has been patiently assisting me in the creation of this work. His eye is sharp and the gallery's online collection is impeccable and the artists represented span the width of the globe. Personally, I would love to own a 800mmx1000mm print of my own but for now I'll have to settle for staring at the digital versions.