Laneway Learning X Gert

Last week I taught a flower arranging class through the Laneway Learning Collective (a international phenomenon that promotes lo-fi adult education and skill sharing).

It was a dripping, humid evening and choppers buzzed overhead, patrolling the skies ahead of the G20. Despite these prickly impediments I was overwhelmed and delighted as 40 lovely ladies turned up to cut and primp and sniff their way through my posy-making classes. They turned out some real beauties using native flowers, including flannel flowers, tweedia and geraldton wax. 

I'll be teaching a Christmas wreath making class in early December and will be taking some floral art classes at the TW Fine art space early next year. Chuck your name on the mailing list if you have a petal-fancying fetish and I'll make sure to let you know when and where you can next join me for a class. 

Photos by Olga @ Laneway Learning