Chappelli Mural

This--my first ever mural project--grew out of a letter I sent the Chappelli Bicycle boys. I'd been riding a Chappelli for five years so I sent them some fan mail and in return they asked if I wanted to paint them some wall art for their new Teneriffe retail space. 

The space is a beautiful, old warehouse with high ceilings and polished boards; I wanted to do it justice. I wanted to create something that would hang around, not too intrusively, for the next few years. Getting the digital design off the page and onto the wall was the perfect antidote to all the square-eyed screen-timing I've been doing recently. 

Now I'm sniffing around for my next mural project. I'm desperately seeking white walls and someone outlandish enough to give me a paintbrush and a long artistic leash...