Kit & Ace Supper Club

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to spend the evening with some delightfully clever folk, as part of a Kit & Ace Supper Club held at TW FineArt.

In anticipation of the first Queensland Kit & Ace store opening on James St, we gathered around a table in the gallery eating roasted cauliflower and talking about life and art.

As you can see from the photo below we were surrounded by some gorgeous works (this one by Max Presneill). I spoke briefly about my lettering project but mostly I just pledged my alliance to the art of the perfect t-shirt, which is what Kit & Ace are all about. It felt a bit dirty to bring up such trivialities--as the evening was leaning towards the lofty--but I do really care about what I wear. I am known to behave like an irritable toddler if I'm not wearing clothes I'm comfortable in and it feels like Kit & Ace are that one step closer to my kind of utopia: a wardrobe that 3D prints dreamt-up clothes on demand. Push a button and that ideal shirt--with that little detail you just dreamt up--materialises. Pre-ironed. The perfect fit. Definitely not synthetic. I, for one, can't wait for that kind of future.


Photo by  Tamika Keioskie

Photo by Tamika Keioskie

Entangled, Writ Large

Some snaps from the premiere of an animation entitled Entangled; a collaborative piece made with direction from TW FineArt; camera-wrangling by Greg Henderson; choreography and dancing by Jack Lister and Sarah Thompson of the Queensland Ballet. After the initial dance and film layers were laid down I got to draw all over it!

I scanned glitter and used these images as 'pattern fills' in Photoshop and then I rotoscoped the footage. It took *some time* but I was so happy with the result, especially when projected at scale. It simply zings.

Romance Was Born X Gert

I animated a tiny GIF for the Melbourne-based clothing boutique Milly Sleeping, who are soon to host a retrospective of the Romance Was Born label. 'Milly' has stocked RWB since the label's inception and they facilitated my introduction to the label (by way of one very special galaxy print shirt dress). I had a huge array of sublime prints to draw from whilst illustrating, I only wish I'd had time to depict them all.

The LOVE MIX exhibition will run from March 21st - April 12th at Milly Sleeping (157 Elgin St, Carlton).

The Subtropic Fantastic, aka Brisbane

Bright, taut, stripped back--my Brisbane-centric prints are available now through TW Fine Art. The series includes such gems as 'Riverside Expressway' where I have spent my fair share of time clogged up in traffic (also I've rear-ended people twice on this stretch of road, possibly because I was distracted and marvelling at something).

Tove Langridge penned some lovely words about my work here, which unpacks my dogged pursuit of digital clarity. (I kind of think it's just because I'm a neat freak and hate that rubbery dust that erasers make).

Fig Tree Update

It's finished! The five metre tall Moreton Bay Fig Tree that I designed for Silverstone Developments is newly installed on Brunswick Street, New Farm. The building, which will be mostly residential, still has a way to go. Some lovely green tiles will adorn the space below the tree.

Last Friday night I went and took some night shots of it as punters--late night meanderers; partying upstarts; old dudes leaking out from the Brunswick Hotel--wafted up and down the street. "It's huge," I said to Tove. There's just no hiding this humble little sketch any longer.

Life on the Factory Floor

A couple of weeks ago Tove Langridge (of TW Fine Art) and I visited the Sunshine Coast factory where my aluminium 'fig tree' is being fabricated. The big, shiny thing is set to adorn the façade of a new Brunswick St (Fortitude Valley) development and we got to peek behind the curtain and witness the intricacies of the tree being cut from a large sheet of metal.

The workers at Architectural Metalworks Australia were full of enthusiasm for the project and I was thrilled to see them taking so much pride in the work (it is just as much their piece as mine; they took my sketch and translated into the three dimensional world, which is the kind of magic that's beyond me).

The piece will be installed in early March and I'll post some photos of it in situ then, but in the meantime here's a look at the behind-the-scenes of a very hot, very noisy metal fabrication factory seen through the eyes of two artists (one who is very partial to shiny things!).

(Thanks to Tove for many of these photos).

2014 in Numbers

Click through to read my end-of-year round up that smells like baby Jesus and cherries. 

While everyone was busy wrapping presents and preparing pork I was staging an art glamour photo-shoot in the garage with my bicycle. Priorities. 

While everyone was busy wrapping presents and preparing pork I was staging an art glamour photo-shoot in the garage with my bicycle. Priorities. 

Chappelli Mural

This--my first ever mural project--grew out of a letter I sent the Chappelli Bicycle boys. I'd been riding a Chappelli for five years so I sent them some fan mail and in return they asked if I wanted to paint them some wall art for their new Teneriffe retail space. 

The space is a beautiful, old warehouse with high ceilings and polished boards; I wanted to do it justice. I wanted to create something that would hang around, not too intrusively, for the next few years. Getting the digital design off the page and onto the wall was the perfect antidote to all the square-eyed screen-timing I've been doing recently. 

Now I'm sniffing around for my next mural project. I'm desperately seeking white walls and someone outlandish enough to give me a paintbrush and a long artistic leash...

Laneway Learning X Gert

Last week I taught a flower arranging class through the Laneway Learning Collective (a international phenomenon that promotes lo-fi adult education and skill sharing).

It was a dripping, humid evening and choppers buzzed overhead, patrolling the skies ahead of the G20. Despite these prickly impediments I was overwhelmed and delighted as 40 lovely ladies turned up to cut and primp and sniff their way through my posy-making classes. They turned out some real beauties using native flowers, including flannel flowers, tweedia and geraldton wax. 

I'll be teaching a Christmas wreath making class in early December and will be taking some floral art classes at the TW Fine art space early next year. Chuck your name on the mailing list if you have a petal-fancying fetish and I'll make sure to let you know when and where you can next join me for a class. 

Photos by Olga @ Laneway Learning

It's September

I'm happy to announce that a selection of my brand new work is now for sale through TWFineArt, a gallery based here in Brissy. I have eight new prints--all reasonably priced and they come beautifully framed. The gallery has all an extensive online shop and also ship Australia-wide.

Amongst the crop are a shadowy bunch of blooms; some pastel-coloured, ominous looking houses; and a series of abstracted daubs of colour. Colour, repetition and the stripped back are the commonalities here.

(I spent a recent rainy day looking at Margaret Prestons' at the Gallery of NSW, reconfirming my belief that painting flowers is a wholly noble pursuit.)

The gallery's director, Tove Langridge has been patiently assisting me in the creation of this work. His eye is sharp and the gallery's online collection is impeccable and the artists represented span the width of the globe. Personally, I would love to own a 800mmx1000mm print of my own but for now I'll have to settle for staring at the digital versions.


more birds...

Kookaburra, King Parrot, Crested Pigeon, Galah, Superb Fairy-Wren, Bush-stone Curlew, Pale-headed Rosella, Blue-faced Honeyeater, Magpie Goose.

Kookaburra, King Parrot, Crested Pigeon, Galah, Superb Fairy-Wren, Bush-stone Curlew, Pale-headed Rosella, Blue-faced Honeyeater, Magpie Goose.

Barnacle Skirt

Sometimes when I daydream I think about fashion that could only ever be fake. Fake fashion. Like tutus made of  craggy, pink-flecked barnacles.

Wegman's Girl

These photos, taken by the very talented KTBdesign, were inspired by my ongoing passion for all things William Wegman.

Doodling Manifesto

I prepared this manifesto regarding the magical craft of doodling for a class this semester and I kind of love it. It's actually an apt representation of how my brain works: scratchy and scruffy and all over the place. Definitely non-linear. A mix of words and simple visuals. Think of this as an unedited slice of my mind. P.S ALL PRAISE THE HUMBLE DOODLE!


Vanessa for Sale

I've started a 'collection' on the site Print All Over Me, so some of my designs are now available on shirts, which you can buy directly from:

The image on this one is Vanessa Paradis, that gap-toothed French covergirl.

I'll update the blog as more designs become available and let me know if there are any designs you want made into something wearable!